BoxLNG Commitment to Sustainability

Our platform is built around creating a sustainable future, focusing on the following sustainability goals, wherein we are emphasizing our commitment towards our environment, society, and governance.

  • Contributing to Net-Zero by being the enabler of a circular and low-carbon economy
  • Strengthening our society, especially people on the edge and rural areas
  • Adopting business practices that promote sustainable development

Cleaner Tomorrow through efficient gas solutions.

Our Business Practices

We are driven by our strategy to imbibe responsible business practices within our operations encompassing corporate governance, ethical business and compliance, and risk management.

Towards a Net-Zero Emissions and Circular Economy

It is our strategy to help drive the energy transition to Net-Zero and a circular economy by introducing and adopting innovations to make use of waste and other resources, while protecting the places we operate in through high standards of environmental management.

Supporting Net-Zero with Innovative Technologies

We are actively supporting innovative technologies that will lead India to realizing its Net- Zero 2070. Working in this direction, we have entered into a technology collaboration and investment agreement with HoSt Holding B.V. (HoSt) of the Netherlands. HoSt is one of the largest suppliers of bioenergy systems Globally with more than 200 installations during its 30 years of experience.

How BoxLNG Projects Impacting the Local Socio-Economic Development

While producing Net- Zero Fuels, we have to also take responsibility for ensuring that our plants are run efficiently, respecting the highest health and safety standards and reducing potential gas leakages. At the same time, we need to make sure that the wider world understands the benefits our Biogas and Off grid Green Hydrogen projects can bring to the debate around sustainability.

Support Government or Public Policies that work in favor of climate changes and ensure affordable and clean energy the society.

Continuous Improvement in Technology to provide sustainable energy with enhanced environmentally friendly solutions.

Strategies and plans for zero greenhouse emissions from process plants to ensure reduction in carbon footprint.

Increase in efficiency to fulfill needs of this society and leading the county towards Zero-carbon future.

Maintain industry-best safety standards to protect the well-being of our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

Promote corporate governance practices that that create long-term value for investors and require accountability from leadership.

Continually adopt and promote best practices in human capital management That complements a diverse and inclusive workforce

Utilization of all resources with responsibility.

Engage with local communities and promote the idea of Make in India.

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