What is Renewable Fertiliser ?

Anaerobic digesters provide Fermented biomass or manure (referred to as digestate solids, fiber or biofiber) contained in the effluent (digestate) of opportunities for value-added by-products - Organic fertilizer and fuel pellets.

Anaerobic digestion represents the key to propose a sustainable approach in producing renewable fertilizers with the modification that occurs to waste during a biological process, leaving a substrate (digestate) with high amending and fertilizing properties.

Fermented Digestate is full of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur. During the anaerobic digestion process, nutrients contained in the feedstock are mineralized. Mineralized nutrients are easily used by a crop. Digestate solids contain higher concentrations of plant-available nitrogen and phosphorus compared to as-excreted manure used as compost. The high carbon content of digestate solids adds organic matter to the soil and improves the water holding capacity of the soil.  Digestate solids as a fertilizer source can be used “as separated” (wet), blended with other materials and composted or dried and pelletized.

Anaerobic digesters-based Bio-fertilizers are one of the best modern agricultural instruments to turn waste into functional types. Bio-fertilizers are environmentally friendly fertilizers that not only avoid harm to natural sources, but often help clean up nature from precipitated chemical fertilizers to some degree that are not eco-friendly and can destroy soil fertility in the long term.

Why use Bio Solid Fertiliser?

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  • Bio-fertilizers are cost-friendly.
  • On an average crop yield elevates by 10–20 percent.
  • Improvement of soil structure and -fertility.
  • Balanced and healthy soil life.
  • High levels of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.
  • Rich addition of many other elements, such as magnesium, calcium and trace elements.
  • After spreading the nutrients will be released slowly to the soil.
  • Restore natural soil fertility.
  • Provide protection against drought and some soil borne diseases.

What are the Benefits of Bio Liquid Fertiliser ?

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Other than the benefits of Solid Bio-Fertiliser following are the additional advantages.

  • Longer shelf life 12-24 months.
  • No contamination.
  • No loss of properties due to storage up to 45°C.
  • No effect of high temperature.
  • Greater potentials to fight with native populations.
  • Better survival on seeds and soil.

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